Our Mission

"Sharing knowledge and finding the truth"

Our mission is to promote the development and use of precision measurement systems, techniques and software in the generation of two- or three-dimensional coordinate spatial data for documentation, planning, analysis and/or presentation purposes in the service of justice.


  • Act as a forum for the development and distribution of information, experience and best practices regarding technologies, techniques and research as applied to forensic and security metrology.
  • Through a consultative process, develop a series of protocols and standards, conduct training sessions and confer certification on those parties who demonstrate proficiency within the field of forensic/security metrology.
  • Objectively research, evaluate and report on techniques and technological developments of relevance to the profession.
  • Ensure that techniques and technologies conform to accepted scientific methods to satisfy both peer review and court scrutiny.
  • Promote the advancement of the profession through various activities including an association website, published journals and performing scientific research.
  • Serve as a liaison to facilitate communication and collaboration among related professional associations, system developers, law enforcement, private investigation, the academic community, the judiciary and government agencies.
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