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The IAFSM is dedicated to offer the Basic Laser Scanning Certification course.  In order to be accepted to participate in the course, you must complete the following Questionnaire and submit the necessary requirements.


Course Requirements:

  • Complete the Online Questionnaire
  • 3 webinars which must be watched prior to the in-person class
  • Attending the full class - Schedule will be provided by the Instructor
  • Attend the full IAFSM November conference - separate registration
  • Successfully complete the written exam - Certification expires in 5 years

Course Prerequisites:

  • Up to 6 months Laser Scanning experience and/or some training provided by a hardware manufacturer prior to attending course
  • Familiarity with 3D software

$500.00 for IAFSM Members
$700.00 for Non members


BLSC students must review the following three videos prior to the start of the full class.  Exam questions will come from these videos, as well as the course content, so please watch them in their entirety.  Many students find the CloudCompare section challenging, especially if you are not familiar with 3D programs; therefore, it is highly recommended you download and install CloudCompare (https://www.danielgm.net/cc/) and follow along in the software with the CloudCompare video.  Feel free to watch these videos more than once but before the start of the full class.  Each video is approximately 1 hour in length.

Here are links to the three videos that must be watched before the start of the full class:

A History of Laser Scanning

Physics of Light


***Very Important: You MUST bring a laptop capable of installing and running CloudCompare to the BLSC course.  It is highly recommended that you also bring a 3-button mouse (a mouse with a scroll wheel) to help navigate in CloudCompare***

What is the Basic Laser Scanner Certification course?

The BLSC from the IAFSM is a course focused on fundamental principles of laser scanning, considerations for crash and crime scene documentation, different types of analysis, visualization, considerations of admissibility at trial, plus best practices. The course is taught by several instructors with many years of laser scanning and practical work experience.

The course provides those working with a laser scanner a fundamental grounding in laser scanner concepts that are hardware agnostic and applicable no matter what type of laser scanner is being used. Historical concepts, math, physics, plus hands on practical exercises with software will be taught during the course.

What are some of the key benefits of the BLSC course?

·      Validation of Knowledge

·      Better Performance by Understanding Best Practices

·      Enhanced Credibility at Trial

·      Increased Confidence

·      Respect from Peers


Is the BLSC useful for your resume/CV?

Absolutely! The BSLC is a complimentary item that can be used on a CV or for court purposes to show that a minimum standard of training was achieved and that an exam was written and successfully passed. The certificate is backed by the IAFSM.


Who should consider taking the BLSC course?

The BLSC course was designed for accident reconstructionists, crime scene investigators, fire investigators, private companies and anyone who uses laser scanning as part of their evidence documentation process.

BLSC Schedule

This is a full day(s) of instruction.  Once the date and location have been determined, the Instructor will set a detailed schedule.

IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop that can run and install CloudCompare to the course.

What are the prerequisites for the BLSC course?

It is recommended that students have at least 6 months of laser scanning experience or have some training provided by a hardware manufacturer prior to attending this course. In addition, some familiarity with 3D software is helpful.

What does the BLSC course entail?

The BLSC course is a multi-faceted approach to learning and goes beyond a single 8-hour class. The format and learning are comprised of the following:

  • 3 webinars which must be watched prior to the in-person class
  • Attending the full class - Schedule provided by the Instructor
  • Attendance and full participation
  • Completing all Questionnaire requirements
  • Successfully completing the written exam
How long is certification valid?

Currently, validation of the Basic Laser Scanner Certificate is for a period of 5 years. The reason for this is that there are often technological and software advancements that require updating of skills and knowledge.

How many students can attend?

There is a maximum capacity.  This is determined by the Instructor.

What is the Cost for Certification?

$500 for IAFSM Members

$700 for Non Members - this cost will include a one (1) year membership to the IAFSM.

Course Instructors

Eugene Liscio - CV

Bryon O'Neil - CV

Ryan Rider - CV

Toby Terpstra - CV

William Henningsen - CV

For additional information, please visit, www.iafsm.org

or email info@iafsm.org.




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