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FSM Webinars

SketchUp Crime Scenes: Dynamic Evidence Markers and PointCloud Workflow

recorded 23-September-2021

Joshua Cohen & Joel Newman at Fat Pencil Studio will explain the benefits of using 3d visualization in crime scene investigations, and share some details about their workflow for creating these 3d models in SketchUp using photos and/or point cloud data. The 1 hour webinar will include a discussion of options for getting point cloud data into SketchUp, and a brief training on how to import and use evidence marker components. These were developed by Fat Pencil, and are available for free on the SketchUp 3d Warehouse. Attendees that have a license or a free trial of SketchUp Pro (desktop version) can follow the training on their own computers and ask questions as we go. Details regarding the software will be sent out a few days before the webinar. It's also fine to attend without having the software, and treat the training as a demo.

Basic Laser Scanning Certification

September, 2018

View the Recorded Webinar

Veesus Arena 4D - Streaming, Sharing, and Presenting PointCloud Crime Scenes

February 2018

Mark Estcourt, Veesus Arena 4D
View the Recorded Webinar

Z+F Scanning - The HUB of Forensic Mapping

January 2018

Christopher Kercheval, Z+F
View the Recorded Webinar

Leica - Critical Considerations In Choosing a Laser Scanner

May 25, 2017

Ryan Rezelle, Leica
View the Recorded Webinar

DotProduct Handheld Scanner Applications in the Omaha Police Department Investigations

February 28, 2017

William Henningsen, Lead for Omaha Forensic Investigations Unit
View the Recorded Webinar

Working with CloudCompare with Daniel Girardeau-Montaut

November 17, 2016

Daniel Girardeau-Montaut, CloudCompare
View the Recorded Webinar

Underwater Laser Scanning

April 13, 2016

Sean Elmer, 2G Robotics Inc.
View the Recorded Webinar

UAV Technology for 3D Visualization

January 26, 2016

Mark Johnson, J.D., Visual Law Group
View the Recorded Webinar

Riegl USA, LMS

June 1, 2015

Ananda Fowler and Tan Nguyen.CJ, Riegl
View the Recorded Webinar

Laser Scanning for Collision Reconstruction

January 21, 2014

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The archive for this webinar is available in Members Only section of the website.


September 19, 2013

This webinar is available to members only.
The archive for this webinar is available in Members Only section of the website.

3D Crime Scene Models with SketchUp 8

June 18, 2013

Introduction (3 minutes)  ~  View the Recorded Webinar (1 hour 5 minutes)

5 Ways 3D Data Capture Can Help Your Investigation

December 11, 2012

Click here to download the corresponding whitepaper (PDF).

Applications of Photogrammetry in Forensic Investigations

October 12, 2012

Eugene Liscio, Harold Krause, David Boardman
View the Recorded Webinar  ~  Liscio Presentation (PDF)  ~  Krause Presentation (PDF)  ~  Boardman Presentation (PDF)

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