Brad JoiceDetective Sergeant Brad Joice in the Unit Commander of the Forensic Identification Unit, York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada. Brad has 30 years of police experience, with 10 years experience as a Collision Investigator/Reconstructionist and 18 years experience as a Forensic Investigator. Brad began using total stations to map collision & crime scenes in 1997. Since that time, Brad has mapped hundreds of scenes using total stations, Leica Distos and a Leica HDS Scanner, combined with Map360 Forensic CAD software. Brad is a certified IMS Map360 Trainer and has trained students throughout North America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa and South Korea.

Angelos LeiloglouMr. Leiloglou is a native of Texas. He grew up in San Antonio and attended Texas A&M University where he earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree and a Master of Architecture degree. He has over 15 years of forensic visualization experience and was the Director of Visualization at Knott Laboratory for the past nine years. Mr. Leiloglou produces advanced, state of the art, computer visualizations for complex motor vehicle accidents, construction and industrial accidents and officer involved shootings. His visualizations have been admitted in Federal and State courts all over the United States. Mr. Leiloglou has collaborated with engineers on hundreds of forensic reconstructions and specializes in photogrammetric analysis of video, High Definition 3D Laser Scanning, and UAV aerial mapping.

Steve Jameson Steve Jameson has been the Supervisor of the Technical Design and Documentation Program under the Operational Projects Unit for six years. He has deployed to, scanned, and processed numerous scenes to include the Orlando Pulse Night Club, San Bernardino, Dallas El Centro College, Las Vegas, and Virginia Beach. He has also managed and supervised the processing and product development for the Boston Bombing model, Benghazi Model, and many other cases. Steve has experience processing laser scan data and creating 3D fly-through videos within FARO SCENE software, as well as using Cyclone, and RiScan. Steve’s program utilizes numerous types of terrestrial LiDAR scanners, Aerial LiDAR scanners and related software. Steve is responsible for managing the education of field total station and scanner operators throughout the FBI.

Helen Guryn Helen Guryn is a 3D Forensic Technologist currently working at ai2-3D Forensics in Woodbridge, Canada. She has been involved and worked with various crime and accident cases that utilized the use of 3D technologies including photogrammetry and laser scanning. She is also a sessional instructor at the University of Toronto and teaches Introduction to 3D Crime Scene Reconstruction. She graduated University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Biology and completed a forensic internship project with the Center of Forensic Sciences in Toronto.

Joshua Cohen As the principal of Fat Pencil Studio, Joshua creates visual tools and exhibits including timelines, maps, charts, and animation. His skill with real-time 3d modeling of crime scenes facilitates collaboration between investigators, experts and attorneys during team meetings and allows creation of interactive courtroom exhibits. Joshua has been retained as a 3d visualization expert in more than 50 criminal cases, and provided sworn testimony for several of these. He has also served as a juror on several occasions, most recently acting as foreman on a misdemeanor hit-and-run case.

Jeanne Walford -  Employed as a Deputy for the King County Sheriff's Office for 23 years. I am currently a Detective & collision reconstructionist assigned to Major Accident Response & Reconstruction (MARR). My responsibilities include the investigation of fatal collisions, serious injury collisions where the likelihood of death or permanent injury is great, complex collisions requiring specific expertise, and any collision that is likely to create a high likelihood of civil liability to King County. I was also a Detective in the Major Crimes Unit for three years. Officer with KCSO for 23 years.

Dr. Song Zhang Song Zhang is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Assistant Head for Experiential Learning at Purdue University. He received his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from Stony Brook University in 2005. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University for three years and joined Iowa State University as an assistant in 2008 before moved to Purdue in 2015. He won the AIAA Best Paper Award, Best of SIGGRAPH by the Walt Disney, NSF CAREER award, Stony Brook University’s “40 under 40 Alumni Award”, and Discovery in Mechanical Engineering Award. He is a fellow of SPIE and Optical Society of America (OSA).

Russell BoyntonRussell Boynton is a Sales Forensic Engineer at FARO Technologies. He is a Marine Corps and law enforcement veteran, with a combined service of more than 20 years with military, state, and local law enforcement organizations. Additionally, he served as an embedded police adviser/trainer for the US Department of State and Department of Defense in Afghanistan for more than two years. Russ also taught basic and advanced crash investigation courses at the New Hampshire Police Training Academy, and at the Kosovo Police Service School in the Balkans. Russ has been recognized as a Crash Reconstruction Expert in most of the New England States. In addition to his extensive career, Russ is also an experienced trainer for major crime and crash scene documentation for both the public and private sectors. As a FARO employee, Russ directly supports FARO customers by providing web-based and onsite FARO Scene and Faro Zone workshops.

Angad Singh Angad Singh is a Business Development Executive for Pix4D based in Denver Colorado. He is responsible for managing Pix4D's North American Public Safety portfolio. He really enjoys working with Public Safety to help implement drone mapping into Public Safety Workflows and be available as a technical expert on drone based photogrammetry. 

Quan Le Quan Le is a 3D Forensic Technologist at ai2-3D and a graduate of the Forensic Science Program at the University of Toronto Mississauga. His research focuses on the application of 3D technologies in forensic science, which includes bullet trajectory documentation and bloodstain pattern analysis. Mr. Le’s work has been published in the Journal of Forensic Science (JFS), Forensic Science International (FSI), and the Journal of the Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR).

Mark Johnson Mr. Johnson is President of Visual Law Group, a forensic visualization and consulting firm based in San Jose California. He has worked in the fields of forensic visualization, 3D animation and photogrammetric analysis since 1992 after a 14 year career as a trial attorney. Visual Law Group produces 3D reenactments and interactive exhibits that have been used in major trials throughout the U.S. Mr. Johnson was also one of the early adopters of photogrammetric mapping using drone imagery and Pix4D, the leading software developer in the field, has appointed him as an Ambassador and liaison to the forensic and public safety industries. He also is a consultant for FARO Technologies and specializes in combining and integrating diverse 3D data sets with 3D scanning for forensic analysis and courtroom presentations.

Jason Barr Jason Barr studied at the Universities of Otago and Auckland in New Zealand, and is now a Senior Forensic Scientist from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), the sole provider of Forensic Science services to the New Zealand Police. He specialises in the examination of violent crime scenes and is trained in blood pattern analysis, shoeprint examination, textile damage, biological screening and crime scene reconstruction. Since 2010, Jason has been involved in investigating advanced technology for forensic application, specifically including the application of 3D technologies to crime scene examination. Jason is a former board member for the IAFSM and the current Chair for the Electronic Evidence Specialist Advisory Group for Australasia.

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