Fellow IAFSM Members,

 Happy New Year to all!

 It is with great humility that I accept the responsibility of heading this great organization we call “FSM”.

 I think it’s fair to say that we are clearly riding a wave of success and hard work. My predecessor, Eugene Liscio, has been a tireless advocate for FSM and its advancements.

Join me in thanking the outgoing members of the board:

Eugene Liscio – President (as past President, Eugene will continue to be involved)

Sarah Davis – Vice President

Dion Sheppard – Director

Jason Barr – Director

We all owe you our gratitude for molding FSM into what it is today.

It is the intention of the new board to build on the previous successes and continue to further the 3D cause.  There is no question a  group effort will be required, but I can think of no group with more potential than ours.

The new board is rich in experience and diversity. Particularly in regards to location and hardware.

This election cycle, regional advisor positions were added to further expand member input and ensure more areas of the globe had a voice regarding the direction of the organization. I think this is a wise move and should further our progress.

The new FSM board:

David Dustin – President

Elissa St. Clair - Vice President

Jason Keller – Treasurer

Dave Foster – Secretary

Mark Estcourt – Director

William Henningsen – Director

Brian Wangler – Director

Andrew Hunter – European Representative

Kurt McManus – Asia Representative

My vision going forward is one of even greater hardware agnosticism and embracing technical advancements that are seemingly exploding on the 3D scene in dizzying frequency.

We as an organization should be able to increase our membership as well as position our group as a leading entity in the 3D Scanning realm. I don’t mean this out of arrogance, but from a common-sense perspective.

It’s a fantastic time to be a 3D advocate. Given a good share of us are involved in the pursuit of justice, it only gives it more emphasis.  I don’t think I have made it a secret that I believe each one of you can make a difference with your abilities and the use of technology.

It is clear to me our members are committed to the furthering the organization that is FSM as well as 3D laser scanning (and applicable technologies). We all have our strengths, talents and abilities. To that end, you will all have a chance to be involved in our undertakings (be looking for requests to join in).

I also wanted to take a few moments to thank the equipment manufacturers for continuing to support our efforts… As an entrepreneur, I may look at things a bit differently than our friends in government. Without the continuing support of the manufacturers, FSM would never be able to hold our conferences as well as “keeping the lights on”. I think the manufactures enjoy our neutrality and the fact that we as an organization have diversity in our hardware choices. They have as much to gain as we all do. When we succeed, so do they. When they leap-frog each other in technology, we are the direct benefactors.

Looking forward to an exciting 2017

David J. Dustin

President, IAFSM



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