2018 IAFSM Offsite Event
held in conjunction with the
Fort Worth Police Department

The following is an IAFSM sponsored event.  

On Monday, December 10, 2018, you will have the opportunity to participate in a scenario based active shooter event.  This event will give the attendee experience in a scene with multi-disciplinary forensic documentation with 3D devices (bullet trajectory, witness perspective, positional, and height analysis, blood pattern, etc.  You will also be provided with experience in developing an ad-hoc approach to multi-sensor integration of a large scale 3D data set.  Following will be a post-briefing and Case Study of active shooter events related to the Texan Ranger' experience.  IAFSM and the Fort Worth Police Department will provide transportation to and from the facility.

We plan to leave the Hilton Hotel between 7am-8am and return between 5pm-6pm.  We will have several vans transporting people and equipment to and from the site.


IAFSM Platinum Sponsors

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