Basic Laser Scanner Certification Course
Sunday, December 9, 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm

Instructors:  Eugene Liscio and Christopher Kercheval

Basic Laser Scanner Certification provides the fundamental background of laser scanning technology, applications, visualization and admissibility at trial.

Crime scene technicians and investigators who will be using the laser scanner or testifying using laser scanner data.  Attorneys may also benefit from this course to understand the technical benefits and limitations of the laser scanner.  Both new and experienced users who wish to receive a certificate and fundamental understanding of terrestrial Lidar and its applications in crime and crash scene documentation.


  • Attend 2 webinars (link will be provided)
    1. Eugene Liscio - "Physics of Light"
    2. Chris Kercheval - "Introduction to Forensic Mapping and Surveying"
  • Attend class on Sunday
  • Attend full IAFSM Conference including a minimum of 2 workshops (off-site event on Monday:  Active Shooter/Aftermath-counts as 1, additional workshops offered on Tuesday
  • Complete and pass online test with a minimum of 70% score to pass

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