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Schedule Overview


IAFSM Workshop Schedule
Monday, October 30, 2017
  Lenox Level 3
Hanover DE L2
Kennesaw L3
Inman L3
Time 8am-Noon 8am-Noon 10am-Noon 8am- Noon
Morning workshops times estimated between 8am and 12noon

Swarm Scanning

Ryan Rezzelle
Integrating Drone Based Photogrammetry into Forensic Workflows IMAGER 5016
Up Your Game - How to Use LiDAR for Traffic Homicide Investigations Effectively, From Collection to Court
William Henningsen  Mark Johnson and Abbe Lyle

Omaha Police Department Forensics Investigations

Visual Law Group Chris Kercheval
Shannon Trammell

Swarm scanning concept workshop to demonstrate the proper technique and unique applications for the simultaneous collection and integration of data sets from multiple Leica BLK360 laser scanners.  The workshop will give attendees hands-on experience and guidance on this new 3D capture methodology and how to incorporate it with survey grade data sets.


Visual Law Group has developed a specific method which is used for acquiring drone based photogrammetry at the highest resolution possible.

This approach involves utilizing simple flight paths around an object, combined with photographs taken at ground level, to generate a 3D dataset. We will demonstrate this approach at a site close to the conference so that attendees can understand and replicate the same approach with their own drones.


Z+F is proud to be introducing the IMAGER 5016 at IAFSM 2017! This workshop will include a demo and presentation of the new features, as well as data presentation from the IMAGER 5016. Z+F will present the best methods for utilizing this scanner in the forensic field.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Equipment needs, operation, and what’s important when considering LiDAR
  • Making an impact with criminal cases, data that stands up without question in court
  • Improving delayed fatality investigations, overcoming the lack of documentation when a crash turns fatal.
  • New tool for data viewing – great for court room!


     Lenox L3      
1pm - 3pm
Hanover DE L2
1pm - 5pm

Kennesaw L3
Inman L3
1pm - 3pm
Afternoon workshops times estimated between 1pm and 4pm
On Site Registration Benefits and Workflow

Eric Dustin,
Dan Copfer
    Point Cloud Crime Scene, VR 
Mark Estcourt,
Trimble Forensics
Pix4D in Accident Reconstruction

Wes Grimes  

Bryce Adams, 
Trimble Forensics

Fundamentals in Photography
Sarah Davis

FARO's newly released On Site Registration enables users to increase scanning efficiency by wirelessly transmitting the data directly to an on site computer in real time.  This workshop will show users how implementing this workflow can reduce post scanning processing time, determine areas where additional scans may be needed, and identify false walls and compartments.


Immerse yourself in a scene, move freely, smoothly and interact with the environment using 3D joysticks.


Using the powerful Arena4D Data Studio point cloud engine, the VR experience combined with the ability to view unlimited points and GIS data, makes presenting a scene simple and compelling."


Showcasing the SX10's full total station, plus high precision scanner technology, all in one revolutionary machine for reconstruction.

A full scene capture will be performed with the use of the new SX10 scanning total station, which combines both a 3D Laser Scanner and Robotic Total Station within a single unit.  A step by step procedure on evidence capture with this new device will be displayed up to and including the point of zero registration required before exporting the data into Trimble's Reveal Forensic Mapping reconstruction program.


This workshop will present an overview of the workflow utilized by a user of Pix4d .  Mr. Grimes will discuss how he utilizes Pix4d in the field of accident reconstruction to process drone images of crash scenes.  Sample images will be supplied and attendees will be given a temporary license for the Pix4d software so that they may follow along, working with their own computers.

This workshop will focus on basic photographic principles and camera operation in order to assist attendees in improving their photographs. Topics will include: camera types, camera settings, depth of field, shutter speed, aperture, color, focus, file formats, image compression, and more. The instructors, both Certified Forensic Photographers by the International Association for Identification, will emphasize documentary and crime scene photography. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cameras if possible. The opinions or assertions contained herein are the private views of the author and are not to be construed as official or as reflecting the views of the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense. Names of commercial manufacturers or products included are incidental only, and inclusion does not imply endorsement by the authors, DFSC, OPMG, DA or DoD

Conference Schedule

IAFSM 4th Annual Educational Conference  Schedule
  Tuesday, October 31 Wednesday, November 1st Thursday, November 2nd Friday, November 3rd
Continental Breakfast
Hanover FG

    Continental Breakfast
Hanover FG   
Continental Breakfast
Hanover FG
Continental Breakfast
Hanover FG
  All sessions take Place in Hanover DE (unless otherwise noted below after title)
08:00-08:30    Welcome and Opening Remarks
  David Dustin
 President IAFSM
Mock Trial 3D Crime Scene Reconstruction of the Lindt Café Hostage Siege
Domenic Raneri,
New South Wales Police Force
Officer Involved Shooting: Case Study
William Henningsen,
Acting Manager, Omaha PD

08:30-09:00 Scanning Clandestine Graves
Jason Keller, NCIS
Best Practices Discussion
09:00-09:30 The Benefit of 3D Scanning in Anthropology
Tori Berezowski
Ontario, Canada

Using 3D to Tell the Story
Bryon O'Neil
Oregon City, OR
Best Practices Discussion
Coffee Break
Hanover FG
Coffee Break
Hanover FG
Coffee Break
Hanover FG
Coffee Break
Hanover FG
Comparison of Methods for Documenting the Excavation of Human Graves
     Christina Malone
Amy Mundorff,
University of Tennessee
                 Trimble Forensics SX10 and Reveal Mapping Solutions
Bryce Adams,
             Trimble Forensics.


Mock Trial
Chris Kercheval
Presentation of Workshop Results
Capture and Presentation of a Terrorist Incident for a Coroner's Inquest in the United Kingdom

Andy Hunter, Metropolitan Police, London

     Speed, Detail, and Portability: The Benefits of Handheld 3D Scanning for Forensic Documentation

Chris Ahern, DotProduct

Buffet Lunch 
Hanover FG
Make an Impact with Criminal Cases Using 3D LiDAR Data in Court
Shannon Trammell, Ed Phillips, RIEGL USA
Presenting 3D Scan Data with Interactive 3D PDFs
Matthew Blackwood,
Scanning Cars

11:30-12:00 ATF Bomb Tech Spin Tool and 3D Printing
Doug Brunelle,
Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms

Bentley  Systems
Tom BrownFARO 
Technology Update
Closing Remarks & Conference Certificates
Buffet Lunch
Hanover FG

End of Conference

Thank you for attending and supporting the IAFSM!
Board Coach Bus
Lunch, On Your Own Lunch, On Your Own  
Collision Crash
Group Workshop (Offsite)
Thank you to the Douglasville Police Department
Douglasville, GA
Virtual Reality at ESR
  Kurt McManus, ESR
Future of Virtual Reality in Field of Criminal Justice
Rory Wells

Accuracy and Repeatability of Bullet Trajectory Measurement in Drywall  Using Laser Scanning
Helen Guryn, Ai2-3D   
Virtual Reality As a Tool for Criminal Justice
Eduardo Neeter ,
Principal - FactualVR, Inc.

    HIDEvolution Technology Update
Donald Stratton, HIDEvolution

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break  
Innovative Technologies for Forensic Visualization
Mark Johnson and Abbe Lyle,
Visual Law Group

Leica Technology Update
The VHX Series Digital Microscope - How Technology is Advancing and the Benefits of 3D Microscopy
Gregory Lary, KEYENCE
All-In-One Reality Capture for Forensics
Kevin Murphy, Matterport
17:00-17:30 IAFSM Welcome Reception
 Hanover FG








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